Landscape and Infrastructure

It’s very important to consider how the landscaping design could impact on your construction project and to take your time to find a proven Landscape Contractor, like RAM Contracting, that has the technical ability and use the best products for the scheme.

We have worked on projects ranging from public parks, hospitals, schools, private estates, shopping centres, universities, hotels, road, rail to Headquarters for organisations and new office developments.

RAM Contracting continue to be at the cutting edge of industry thinking and work with Main Contractors, Developers, and Architects in developing and installing some of the most prestigious landscaping projects in the KSA

Landscaping Services
  • Paving, Paths, Drainage, Lighting, M&E
  • Fencing, Seating, Furniture metal – wood etc
  • Water features
  • Roads
  • Service Diversion
  • Civil Works
  • Design (Detail/Development)

The benefits of landscaping and the use of plants can be measured visually and by bottom line advantages:
  • Pleasant environment where people can work or relax and reduces stress.
  • Better sound absorption.
  • Decreases air temperature and increases humidity to human comfort levels, and lowers heating and cooling costs while creating a healthier environment.
  • Reduces sick building syndrome as areas with plants contain fewer airborne moulds and bacteria.
  • Contributes to ‘Green Building’ design considerations.

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