Civil & Structural Engineering

The developments and growth in the construction industry in KSA has been phenomenal in the recent decades with special impetus to overall improvement of living conditions. Civil Engineering Services is the most basic function that RAM Contracting perform as it typically deals with construction for the common man – specifically the building that is closest to his heart, called home.

In this area, science & emotions run in parallel throughout the project duration and we have honed our skills to balance and satisfy both the demands.

RAM Contracting engineers work at various stages in construction projects making us a much-relied team of contractors in the civil engineering field.

Structural Engineering

RAM Contracting offers structural engineering services when the project proportions are large, when a group of small structures for different purposes is to be housed under one roof, when soil and/or water quality, wind dynamics and such other environmental conditions pose challenges to be overcome at site, considering the size of the overall project, interdependency of functions and space & other constraints.

In practice, every structure that is scientifically constructed goes through such considerations; however the sheer number of simple structures as in homes, warehouses, halls and others lends for a certain degree of generalization in practice, which large structures do not permit. Hence, RAM Contracting undertake detailed studies before commencing on structural design and translate our findings into detailed engineering drawings which take care of every condition that exists on the ground, and helps assess requirements of steel & concrete at one glance.

Structural Design Experience for Industrial and Commercial Projects:

  • Concrete Footings, Mats & Pile Caps
  • Concrete Retaining & Containment Walls
  • Concrete Slabs on Grade & Elevated Slabs
  • Concrete Sumps
  • Masonry Buildings
  • Masonry Retaining Walls
  • Steel Monorails & Crane Girders
  • Steel Open and Enclosed Buildings
  • Steel Pipe-racks & Pipe Supports
  • Steel Platforms & Equipment Support Structures

Civil Design Experience for Industrial and Commercial Projects:

  • Containment Calculations
  • Drainage & Grading
  • Firewater
  • Site Development
  • Underground Piping Systems

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